My Workspace

Your workspace as a blogger can be the most critical place in your home. 

I still live at home, so my workspace is in my bedroom. When I finished school, I tended to do most of my writing with a lap desk while sitting on my bed; however, upon deciding to go back to school, I got an actual desk. 

This is for sure the most substantial desk I have owned in my academic life. I purchased it from Walmart for $48 Canadian. It has a wood style with some mid-century aspects to it. It features a large cubby hole with two drawers on either side giving ample space for everything. 

I generally keep all of my highlighters and pens on one side and all of my extra notebooks for blogging on the left along with my planner. The cubby hole features some textbooks, more journals, and adult colouring books.

I really enjoy the length of this desk. I am able to keep an ivy plant and have all of my work aspects going on. I can have my laptop to the side for researching and exercise as well as space for my Ipad if I want to watch something in the background or be able to quickly facetime. 

Unfortunately, I haven't found my dream chair yet, so I am just using a standard folding chair and have my faux blanket from Chapters draped over it.  

It isn't the most glamours workspace, but it works for me and helps me keep organised especially while balancing full-time work, school, and blogging.

What do you think of my workspace? Have any tips or links to some desk organisers? Please, let me know about it in the comments down below!  

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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