Fallen Down on the Job

I'm so sorry you guys! I'm such a flake these past few months! I had some awesome ideas of DIY's and hauls and Halloween and Christmas ideas, but they completely went out the window! So, my apologizes about that. I was so busy with school that I hardly even had time to breath, and then there was finals and also a death in my family that I just didn't have the energy to even log in or fill you guys in. However, now that I have relaxed a bit over break and with the new year swiftly upon us I figured you know what this blog could be a very big help in life.
Currently, I like just talking about things or telling you guys my faves of certain products. I began thinking a few weeks ago though like "Jessie you gotta get back on track with your life". Over the past few years I have been struggling with managing my diabetes, majorly struggling. If you are unaware of what diabetes is, it pretty much is a disease were I need to take insulin either by needle or pump to get my body to work properly. No one really knows why type 1 occurs, type 2 is mainly due to poor diet. I have type 1. Anyway, I was also finally moved from the children's hospital to the adult clinic. I have a smaller team of doctors, nurses, etc.. but they are all very lovely people. Because of these people I now want to strive to be the best I can be. I don't want complications, I don't want to lose my eye sight. I have big plans in life and complications are not part of my plan at all. Therefore I need to get on track. Which is hard, but now I am going to have better tools, better learning experience and a better outlook.
Now. you are probably wondering "where is she going with this?"
Well I've decided that I may do a weekly or even daily blog of how I'm doing, what I'm eating, how my sugars are. etc.. And I will also be filling in on my overall health. Regardless on diabetes or not I have certainly gained the "freshmen 15" almost every year since I have graduated high school. I don't like how I look anymore, I don't feel great and I feel like that's causing even more stress for me.
Oh God not another health blog! Is probably want some of you may be thinking right now.
Don't worry though, I will still be posting must haves, faves, and all that stuff, but maybe you may see an exercise I'm doing or a new dish I'm eating and may want to try it yourself.
So, maybe this blog is going to be more about life in general and I will bring you all on the journey of Jessie's Life! Which may or may not be boring.,,but hey! At least you guys will get to see how my job hunt goes since I am also jobless now. Man.. my life has certainly done a 180 over the past few months.
Anyway, let's get going on this new journey of self discovery! I'm sure it may not be pretty, but life isn't pretty!
Thank you to all who have stuck around to read this far! I hope I haven't scared any of you away!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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