Helpful Tips For Group Projects

We have all for the most part have had to suffer through the agony of group projects. They are not fun nor enjoyable. However, it's part of so many courses in high school and in secondary school (although I personally debate whether it is truly necessary to have them in secondary). Anyway, here are some of my tips on how to handle those group projects and do well!

1. Get the Group Together
   This and always should be the first priority in a group project. Get together and discuss who will do what, what goals you want to set for the project, and figure out what is expected of you. Sometimes, getting together in person can't happen, but make a Facebook chat or group for it and you can discuss from there.

2. Communicate Weekly
  Normally, the project is giving at the first of the term and you have the entire semester or at least one or two months to get the project done. Once you know what you have to do for the project, make a time each week as a group to discuss what you have completed and adding it in to a google document so everyone can access it. For the most part all sections on assignments depending on the course are intertwined so, something you have chances are your team mates are going to need whatever you find out to complete their part and vise versa.

3. Keep an Open Positive Mind
  I've had my share of horrible group members. I've had on occasion a few (in separate groups) who actually took it upon themselves to insult me, belittle me, and of course do nothing and put all the work on me. It truly sucks when that happens. It's good to not lose your cool at them, because although they may have started it, it's never good to fight fire with fire, believe me I know. However, what you can do in those situations is just step back from a minute. Realize this person and what they say about me or to me is not going to matter later. It's only till the end of the semester and you can continue on your way. However, if they start getting more and more insulting and not doing any work contact your teacher or instructor. They can normally fix the problem and have most likely been in the same situation when they were a student.

4. Practice
If you have to present as a group practice and practice. It looks bad when a group gets up and one person doesn't actually have a clue what they're talking about compared to the rest of the group. I had this before when one group member who did little work got up and started talking about the complete opposite objective then what he was suppose to. It was tragic. However, I've had presentations that were pretty good since we practiced and ran it through till we all knew and understood what we were talking about. So, it's good to do that.

5. Make a Gmail
Google docs will help with everything. As I said before it's great to work on a project all at the same time without the effort of trying to meet up to work on the project. There are also plenty of helpful tools in google docs that can make group projects much easier. 10/10 would recommend.

Anyway, that's just some of my helpful tools for you guys if you're struggling through a group project. Got any group project horror stories? I would love to hear about them!

Have a great week everyone and happy Monday!

Jesse xx

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