October Favourites

October is coming to a close and from Newfoundland's current weather it looks like Winter isn't far away. So, today I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorites from this past month. Let's take a look..


I love having this section because I live for candles. I enjoy them a lot. So, my current favorite is Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works. Such a nice candle and you can actually smell the fireside which is slightly weird, but it smells amazing! I think I'm really enjoying this candle because it's kind of like a transition smell from autumn to winter. 

Skin Care:

With my recent Lush products they also gave me a little coalface cleanser bulk. Although, I am slightly breaking out or having little spots it makes my skin feel great. My skin has started to become pretty consistent now as well. 
I am also loving their Baked Alaska soap. It's just so pretty I love it.

Chapters! I am so in love with Chapters lately. They just got their winter stock in and I'm constantly going in there, looking at books, smelling candles and soaps, looking through prints. I also get my Starbucks fill while I'm there. I just generally enjoy going in there all the time. I also bought a print in there recently which has given me a great idea for some photos I can take myself to finish my gallery wall in my bedroom. I've also been getting fantastic Christmas gift ideas. It's also probably slightly weird that my favorite store is not a clothing store.. but oh well!

Sweaters & knits! My go to outfit for the past week has been leggings, tall boots, and a knit sweater. My two favorites right now are actually the same exact type of sweater just in different colors. I got them both at Reitmans last year and I enjoy them so much. I also noticed that they have similar ones out again this year... so I may need to stock up again. Can never have too many knits!


So, my favorite random item for this month is the lights I picked up from Walmart. They're LED Christmas lights in big round bulbs and I find them so nice. They really make my room brighter and nicer with just the lamp on. 


My favorite movie this past month has been Hotel Transylvania Two. Super cute movie and although not as great as the first one I would recommend it. I give it about a 9/10 for cuteness factor. 

Anyway, that my favorites for this month! What did you guys enjoy this October? I would love to hear about it! 

Jessie xx 

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