How to Look more hire-able on Social Media and Search Engines

When we put in a resume to a potential job, most of us may not think about how our social media accounts can play a part in landing that job. There are a number of employers who will do a search on your name and look through the pictures and accounts that come up. Scary? It doesn't have to be. You have the power to somewhat control what your potential employer might see if they search your name. Here's how you can change that:

Step 1: Search yourself first. Type in your First and Last name and see what comes up. Do you see yourself? How about in images? If yes, Head on to step 2. If not, you can head to step 3 in a minute. I am one of those people who used to not show up when you searched my name. It's also especially hard if you share the same name as a celebrity or worse share the same name as a super hero's alter ego. However, don't be discouraged. These steps will help.

Step 2: Now evaluate what comes up for you. Look through all the links on the first page up to about the 10th. How many actually revolve around you? Make a list of those and determine if you think they would be bad for an employer to see or good for an employer to see.

Step 3: Figure out based on above, how often you would like to appear on the first page of Google or Bing, or any search engine. You're going to want to be there for the majority of the first page or two. Next you need to focus on how you're going to do that. If you share the same name as someone else you need to think of a way you'll come up on the search engine and then go from there. Example, since I share the same name as a fictional character, I made most of my accounts say Newfoundland or NL either in the actual web-link for certain sites like LinkedIn or into my description. That way if you search my name + Newfoundland I will actual appear.

Step 4: This is a longer step with multiple options all up to you. Here you need to go through your different social media accounts and comb through what people can see and what you want them to see. Prime example is Facebook. How secure is your Facebook account? You can choose to make all of it private, which can make it look like your hiding something. However, you can make it so people you're not yet friends with can see certain bits that actually might look good. Like, albums of you volunteering, participating in a marathon, etc... You can also have certain things you like showing and remove yourself from groups that may not look very good. You can also remove your tag from photos involving alcohol. Strong word of advice, never have alcohol or illegal substance featured in your Facebook, Instagram, or anything's cover photos or profile pictures. Potential employers don't like that. Also avoid posting statuses and tweets about those kind of things.
This is pretty much a large cleanup duty for all of your accounts. It is time consuming, so know that this is not a quick fix cleanup method.

Step 5: Do you have all the accounts you should have? If you're looking for a job and want to appear on the search engines, LinkedIn should be your go to. Normally, this will appear on the first page. You should make sure you have a proper head shot photo with just you in it and have all required fields filled in. Don't use a picture with a bunch of people in it. A clear one of just yourself is professional and plus if you've already had the interview can help your potential employer remember your face. This should be the same for your Twitter and Google +. Now, for those you can have separate professional accounts. I have a professional Twitter where I have lists, keep up with industry leaders I am interested in and have my full name in the twitter so it comes up on a search engine. The same with Google+. These are good accounts to have and preferably keep all  profile pictures and cover photos the same to keep consistence.

Step 6: Next is all up to you. It's all about what content you want to put out there and seem interested in. An employer might look at your recent photos and statuses, who you've been chatting with on Twitter and Google +. So, keep all of that in mind. Again this is not a quick fix, but if you want to be sure what your employer might think or see when they see your profiles doing this over time will be great!

If you have any questions down below on how to go about a certain specific social media channel comment down below!

Jessie xx

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