A Wish List

I don't know if it's procrastination from school work or just boredom, but I am constantly looking up clothes and objects I want. Whether I get these things or not will probably depend on if I get a big girl job this summer or not. However, before I head to work I was thinking... "hmmm I should make a wishlist!" So, here we are!

So, first is the lovely structured bag. It's from Spring and called Bubblegum. I absolutely love it and would probably wear it all year long without a care in the world because I think it's that cute.

Second, is the Daniel Wellington watch. I have been loving their watches for so long, but I am a broke students, so I've been putting off getting one. Maybe, this year will be the year? If not I will continue to lust over one.

Third is the New York City Skyline midi skirt from Chic Wish. Although, I have heard mixed reviews about this site and some scam things, I love the look of this skirt. It is so elegant looking and very spring and summer-ish. I love it. I want 10 of them. Not really, but if any of you have shopped at Chic Wish what was it like?

Last item it a black Peter Pan collar dress. I couldn't find one on a specific site, but I would love to have one of these. They seem so cute and simple.

Anyway, that is my wishlist items for the month of January. What items are on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good week everyone and I will talk to you soon.

Jessie xx


  1. That skirt is so cute!!!!
    Love the bag as well, I have a camera bag that's very similar :D


    1. Sorry, this is a bit delayed of a response!
      I want the skirt so bad! & so jealous of your camera bag if it looks similar to this! That's awesome!
      Thanks so much for commenting! :)