Poppy and The New Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Ad

 This morning the new Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism commercial was aired on Facebook and who is featured in it? A few places, people and one very important man in my life, my poppy! The ad is the video above.
Screenshot from the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Ad
Poppy is the man in the row boat putting his miniature crab pots on his hand crafted model boats. He's been doing this now for as long as I can remember so, let's say around 20 years. Himself and my grandmother (Morgie) used to have a place called "Storybook Kingdom" on their property. Poppy would build the houses, cut out the characters and put everything together and Morgie used to put together her own things and paint all the characters. They shut down that business a number of years ago and since then poppy had just been focusing on his boats. He builds boats he has seen on a TV show or online and going from there. Every summer he now puts them in the river across from their house on the main highway in our area and so many tourists stop to take pictures. This past summer he was also featured on CBC News about his boats. That's when NL Tourism asked him if they could film him.
I am so happy with how this turned out and even though he is only in it for a part of it, it is so awesome that he is recognized as being something that makes Newfoundland unique.
The ad is also just really nice in general and if you have the chance I would recommend checking out the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism YouTube Channel. They have all of their ads from the past few years on there and they take pride in having some of the top tourism ads in the world.

That is my post for this snowy Monday afternoon. What did you guys think of the ad? Let me know in the comment section below!

Jessie xx

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