Monday and I am tired.

This has been a very busy weekend filled with early mornings, work, shopping, and assignments. It is also freezing in Newfoundland again and I'm starting to get a bit of a cold. Here's my little run down of what I accomplished and didn't accomplish this weekend.

The day of the week most people look forward to and I hate. I work every Friday without fail and this one was no exception. It was a long eight hour shift after writing assignments all morning. That was it. Day over. 

Early rise again and actually no work, but busy. Me and mom headed to the farmers market. It was okay, a lot different than the last time I went and there were a lot more food vendors than before, which is great, but I was looking for more one of a kind gift items for people. Anyway, we left with chocolate, soaps, and a bath bomb. The soap and bath bomb were from these lovely people, at St.John's Soap Works. The link heads to their Etsy page. Strongly recommend their Strawberry Rhubarb soap. It smells delightful. They also use local ingredients. We then headed to the mall next, then Walmart, and after 7 hours finally got home. Which was more assignment working. I then brought my sister downtown and went Christmas shopping into Chapters. Literally am almost done Christmas shopping. I would highly recommend chapters I saved almost 50 dollars that day and got a lot of stuff. 

Another long working day. A very hectic freezing work day. Besides almost losing my finger nail today I was cold to my very bones. So, after work I got a nice long hot bath and used the new Pumpkin Pie bath bomb I got from the market. It had a very spicy smell, but it felt great. I then just slightly worked on some projects and didn't actually get the ones I wanted to get done, completed. So, that will be my task for this Monday morning. As well as trying to get ready and getting passport photos done before my afternoon class.

How was your weekend guys? Do anything exciting or were yous as unproductive as I was?
Have a good week everyone!

Jessie xx

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