Another Monday- Life Update

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday to all. I don't know about you, but I had an awful lot of trouble getting up today and that was with being woken up with puppy cuddles. The winter months after Christmas always make me so sad and tired. However, I'm thinking up things to do on some of my days off so hopefully those days are pick me ups.

 I'm home from school now for today and am going to spend the rest of the evening getting some school work ready, reading for slideshows, cleaning my room, and hopefully taking a nap at some point or going to bed at like 9 because I am actually an old lady and not 22.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys the little adventure I went on last week since it is the only thing of interest I did. Myself and two friends went on a drive to Port de Grave, Newfoundland. It's a little fishing town that probably also looks amazing during the day, but we went at night to see the boat lighting. Every year for the past 17 years I do believe they have Christmas lights strung on all the boats and the wharf and a few houses go all out with lights and it looks amazing. I have never actually been there before last Wednesday (which was the last day), old Christmas Day. It was amazing to see all the lights and how they twinkled on the water and ice. It was very cold though and my face went numb from how cold it was. If you plan on being in Newfoundland next December I would strongly recommend having a look at these lights. Port de Grave is about an hour outside of St. John's and you get to witness a more rural feel. Here's a few pictures from that, unfortunately not that great since both my phone and camera take horrible pictures at night.

That also reminds me that I am slightly planning a little trip across Newfoundland for this summer. There are some places I want to show Jake where he has never been. Then there are just places we both want to see and I think it would be really fun since we've never really done something like that before. I mean we've gone away to visit his sisters to the mainland, and have been camping together before, but driving and explore areas outside the Avalon we haven't done together. So, I think it would be a very good experience and I look forward to it.

Do any of you guys have a place like Port de Grave where you live or are you planning a small road trip this summer to explore where you're from? Leave a comment down below, I'd love to hear about it!

Have a fabulous week everyone and I'll see you guys soon!

Jessie xx

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