Having a Mental Health Day

So, I had a friend growing up whose mom would let her have mental health days during the school year. I never truly began to understand those myself until recently. Now, I mean I knew what it meant to have a mental health day, that it's a way to recharge yourself when everything is getting too much and you can go shopping or sleep, but it's to give yourself an additional break. I knew that much, but I never really had any myself. I mean sometimes I would skip one of my courses for a day at school, but I would still be working away.

Now that school is finished and I'm studying for the GMAT, my weekends are full of house chores and spare time is spent blogging and occasionally with friends, and it's all kind of been building up with personal problems on top of it. I never even realized I was not acting like myself until a friend asked what was up. At the same time it's all of that and then some. Lots of stress, emotional issues, and just the big scary world getting closer and closer as fall comes around. So, it was knowing I wasn't myself and having some ideas as to why, but also none at all. I was drained, I was tired, and I was for sure not me.

So, this weekend and some of this week I wanted to have almost an entire day to me. Do something I enjoy doing or absolutely nothing. I did all of my chores and responsibilities on Friday evening and Saturday and then Sunday was going to be my day. A day to me and little else until the evening.

I wanted to sleep in, but since everyone else was up I only slept an additional hour. I literally had a slice of cake for breakfast and I made cauliflower bites and the mixture for my black bean burgers. After lunch I took a 2 hour nap and just stayed in bed. I shopped for some clothes online and it was good. I relaxed and for most of the day I felt better. Things happened later that made it more stressful, but at least I had a day to myself almost.

I think it is important to give yourself a mental health day. You shouldn't have to do everything for everyone all the time. You need to appreciate yourself and recharge and take it all in slowly.

Give yourself some time to yourself. Stop doing everything for everyone some day and  just think on yourself. Leave your room in a mess, clean your room if it helps, but try to give a day for just you. Shop, exercise, read, sleep, play video games anything that makes you feel cozy and warm and content.

If it begins to get more serious and you feel like the world is coming down on you seek help. I know that once Fall rolls around and if I still don't feel like my usual self I will be seeking help from a professional. Not everyday has to be happy, but everyday should not be sad and stressful. You deserve a wonderful life with all the ups and downs, life is not a roller coaster only heading down.

As I am in Canada there will be a number of listings for Canada with many others for the UK.

There are some numbers to call if you are unsure and need someone to talk to:

Kids Help Phone: Anyone under the age of 20

Ontario Mental Helpline:

Toronto Distress Center:

Anxiety UK

No Panic (UK)
0808 808 0545

Samaritans (UK)

Here is a few links to websites that give a wide range of connections for certain mental health issues or to even just talk:




I hope this helps. Everyone deserves happiness.

What do you do on your mental health days? Do you have any? Let me know down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing day!

Jessie xoxo

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