New Love~ The Happy Planner

Last year at this time I found this awesome planner. This year I bring you the The Happy Planner by Me& My Big Ideas. I had no idea that planner scrap booking was a thing, until my sister showed me about a month ago. I became hooked as I normally do with planners.

Now, trying to pick the right one out of so many different kinds was probably the hardest part. You have The Happy Planner, there's a Mambi Happy Planner, Erin Condren Planners, and many other different kinds. You can get them in vertical or horizontal. Dated and not dated. This was a whole new deal compared to my usual lined planners and completely different than the Kate Spade Planners I normally lusted over. After much debate, I decided to go with the regular Happy Planner since I knew Michael's carries them and I wouldn't have to pay an arm and leg on shipping. 

Picking out the planner from there took forever. There was this section done up for back to school that was just planner filled. There were a number of kits and just stand alone planners. For an extra $10 I could get a planner in a kit which meant I wouldn't have to go crazy on stickers right away. I also picked up washi tape and one small sticker pack. Once up to the check out the total came to $65. I nearly died since I just really want to keep my blog organized and work life and just daily life things. Thank God for the girl at the cash. She was like "I am not letting you pay that much for a planner and people should not have to pay anywhere near that to be organized", found a coupon and saved me 40%. So, in all I got all my planner things for $40 and this girl is my new favourite person. 

The Planner I went with was the best year ever. This one doesn't come dated so you can fill it in as you go. I thought this was perfect because I'll usually end up going a month without using a planner and I hate wasting paper. This way if I miss a month I can just leave it out and continue on from there. The stickers it came with were nice. They feature each month, bubble numbers for each day, it's pretty and has a big calendar section I like to use to record anything significant that I can look back on.

An example of a blank page of this planner:

Blank Calendar Page:

Example of the beginning of a month:

Example of one of my weeks:

I'm still getting used to it and apparently I am taking part in a more "white space" approach to it. I do however, enjoy how I can draw a picture if I want or color in the spaces how I like. I haven't been drawing or painting lately so in a way it's giving me something to do in a creative way weekly or daily. However, I did buy a pack of stickers for September.. we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll do a plan with me post. If you guys are interested in that comment down below! 

I section my days off into To Dos for work, Blog things, and Little Things I need to do for the day. I use the side for notes for a To Do List for the entire week, Workout checklist and a study mark off. 

If you want a better idea of how other people plan there's check out these videos:

Anyway, I really wish I stumbled upon this while I was still in school. I feel like I would have been even more organized since I would look forward to filling in every week. Procrastination at its finest? Probably. 

What's your favourite planner to use? Are you up on this planner scrap booking trend? 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing day! 

Jessie xoxo

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