The Career Oriented Clothing Wishlist

Now that I am finished school and looking into office jobs I am drifting less towards simple cardigans, t shirts, and jeans and more towards dress pants, business casual dresses and blazers. Which I mean, is a big step for me. I still don't find office attire suits my body type very well, but hey at least I'm considering it more and getting out of my comfort zone. I am also pinning more business outfits which you can check out over on my Pinterest account.

So, here is some of the clothes I've been hoping to pick up for myself at some point.

A belted Trench Coat. This one I seen into Dynamite and I really enjoy the look of it. I also enjoy the long blazers they have in right now which I think will look great in the fall and again in the spring. I'm more of a practical person when it comes to buying clothes, so I enjoy making sure that something I buy can be re-worn at some point in the year.

Cigarette trousers with the matching blazer. This is a look I love, but I could never pull off. I'm waiting for just the right combination and for my to get a little bit more fit and then hopefully some day I'll be ever to rock one of these. I just love the idea of the traditional "men's" attire becoming more feminine and it looks like such a classy look to me. The pants and blazer are both available on ASOS.

This dress I believe is perfect. It is a simple tie front dress and I think it would be perfect for going to day to night with just a simple change in footwear and makeup. This one is also available on ASOS.

The last item of this wishlist is the dressy jogger pant. I have no idea when these started being acceptable to wear, but they look so stylist and comfy that I just had to add these to my wishlist. The pair shown is from Dynamite.

Are there any office clothing trends you guys are loving? Let me know down in the comments.

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