Brigus Haul

If you haven't been to Newfoundland you may not know what Brigus is. Well, it's a small beautiful community on Conception Bay. Super nice place. There's little cafes, beautiful houses with names, walking trails, and it's just amazing. I have actually never been there until this weekend. I also went this weekend because Some Good Market was taking place and I wanted to get some cupcakes. Well, I certainly got more than cupcakes. I got a mixture of cupcakes, bath bombs/salts, soaps, and a candle... all handmade right here in Newfoundland. So, if it wasn't obvious enough already this post is going to be focusing on Newfoundland goods/finds. Pretty much all have an online store as well, so don't worry if you don't live in Newfoundland. Let's get right into it shall we?

First thing is the cupcakes. They were so good! Probably the best cupcakes I've ever had... and who makes these dear cupcakes? Well Best Kind Bake Shoppee of course! They make some pretty rad flavours of cupcakes like Fudge-o, Nutella Cheesecake, Superkid, and so many others that will make your mouth water. They also make beautiful looking cakes. Check them out on Instagram & Facebook!

The second booth we hit was the Crystal Ball. Here I picked up a cute little Orange Pekoe soap. Now, I don't drink the traditional tetley tea... but I love the smell of it. This soap smells exactly like a fresh brewed cup of tea. I haven't tried it yet so, I'll keep you posted on how it feels but I'm willing to bet that it feels awesome on the skin. Check out their Facebook page.

The third booth was BubblePixie Soap Co. They were super nice and friendly! They also have top notch packaging and so many different items. It was hard to pick until they said you can also get a surprise bag for $20. So, what came in our surprise bags? A lip balm, bath bomb, soap, and a giant tub of bath salts. It was super awesome and also a great way to try a few of their different products. Check them out on Etsy & Facebook.

The last stop was actually in the little corner store in Brigus. We stopped to get a bite to eat. I got a turkey sandwich which was awesome and me and my friend also shared their blueberry desert topped with ice cream and blueberry sauace. So good! Anyway, before we were leaving we poked around inside the gift shop and they had so many Newfoundland crafts and goods. Hand knit sweaters, soaps, puffin figures, and candles. The candles in particular were awesome. They were made by Foggy Island Candles who focus on making candles that will remind you of home. I picked out the blueberry pie. Smells super good. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.

Here is also some photos I took while I was exploring.

It is such a nice community. If you have the chance to go, go!

Thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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