Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Gifts for Him

The men in my life are probably the hardest to shop for, especially, my dad. He doesn't golf, fish, hunt, or drink. His one major activity besides going to the cabin is motorcycles and this time of the year there are always fewer items out for both. So, we normally get him something that speaks to his inner child or his love of Star Wars. Last year we got him the Millennium Falcon drone and I've never seen his eyes light up so much. He was so pumped about it.
Anyway, today I was bringing you a guide to some gifts to give the men in your life if they actually like the things I mentioned above. Here are some gift giving ideas I have for you.

Beer making kit, golf accessories, fly fishing rod, new camo hunting gear, man cave item, weekend trip hunting. Novelty items like a "best dad" mug, ties, or a coffee maker. Or if your dad is difficult like mine is, get him a toy he would have enjoyed as a kid.

The only one who is not hard to shop for is my brother. He is probably the easiest of the bunch. For your brother, you could get them a video game, book, Xbox or PS4 gift card, new controller, T-shirt, Pop figure, remote control vehicle or drone.

Boyfriend or friend that is a boy:
The type of gift will vary for this although I find it somewhat similar to what you could get your brother. You could also throw in a nice dress shirt or a shaving kit. However, presents you would get for you brother could also work for a guy friend.

I hope these examples have helped. If you have any other ideas comment them down below!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you all again tomorrow!


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