Back to School Must Haves!

Summer is slipping away and school is going to be back in exactly two weeks (for me anyway). This post is going to make me/us really sad I know, sorry!
There are some things that you can get to make the school year much more organized and maybe enjoyable? Who am I kidding school is never fun. 
So some things to make sue of before you head back: 

1. The proper durable school bag
This is probably the most essential item in this list which is why I'm putting it at the front. Get a good backpack, dish out the little extra money because you're saving in the long run. My first year of uni I bought a $70 school bag that has a life time warranty. That will be five years ago in September. This bag has gotten me through almost my entire degrees and it hasn't given out anywhere. Dakin I believe is the name of it. Search them up online and you'll save in the long run. Before I used to only get 6 months tops on a school bag before a strap gave out or the bottom did. 
Another thing to keep in mind is compartments. Make sure there is 3, always 3. The one I use has a insulated section for food to keep cold or warm. Another aection for your wallet, pencil case and odds an ends. The large main section for books and even a place to put a 15" laptop!  So, it's pretty good. I can normally stay very organized through that then. 

2. Keeping Notes Organized
I've been trying to keep organized for years now. I've tried just using single paper and then when I get home transfer it to a binder, but I'd always lose it then. So, now I write my notes in class on   single paper and then re-write the notes nicely into a large collies exercise and for each section or chapter the teacher finishes, I'll write the notes from the lecture and then all the chapter notes in the textbook. This keeps so much more on track and is essentially writing a study guide and being ready for any midterm or final way in advance! 

3. Keeping Yourself Organized
Get a planner. If you are a little pressed for cash just get a free one from your local university (if they make them). I know at mine you can normally pick them up at the student union office, so try and check that out. 
If you have a little bit more money I would suggest Winners or TJMax. I wrote an article recently on an awesome planner I found there. It was only $10 so it was a pretty good steal!
If you have lots of money to spare, Indigo has some amazing looking binders out right now, all shapes, sizes, and colours! They also have the Kate Spade collection right now! 
So, get a planner! Keep it with you wherever you go. I normally have two. A small one I bring to school with me everywhere to keep track of school stuff and a larger one to keep track of school, work, appointments, or events. I keep everything in that! 

4. Blackboard or whiteboard Calendars 
I have a whiteboard calendar this helps me keep on track too. I also have a plain blackboard (it's a marker one not chalk) that I uses to make a list of all the things I need to get done for that coming week. This helps me keep my goals of doing well in class in check. 

5. Good Containers
I'm going to be a broke student most of the year so, spending $10 on food everyday I'm in school is not an option that adds up to almost $50 a week and over a 14 week semester you're looking at $700! That's a lot that could go into gas money getting to school or even into next semester's tuition! 
So, instead I spend $20 on food during the week or less and buy healthy food that I can prep and take with me. This method means getting good containers that won't leak into my bag and ruin everything. I actually go to Walmart for any of my container needs. They have a good selection and every year in September they have a container sale. I will also then plan out all my food for the week every weekend. Just making sure I have what I need for each meal and that I can easily prep the night before. 

With these items you should have no problem keep on track of your busy back to school life! I hope you found this helpful and if you have any other items to suggest please comment down below! 

Jessie xx

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