Fav Instagram Accounts -End Of Summer Edition

My favourite app is Instagram. I run three different accounts (personal, Max's, and my summer job's account). This is my Favourite accounts from this August. So, here are the top 5 accounts:


I do not have a pug which makes me sad. However, getting to see what Doug the Pug is up to makes up for that. He's always in such interesting costumes and is one of my inspirations to get Max out there too. 

2. itsbirdy

Randy C. From Calgary, Alberta. 
If you've seen those Pokemon in onesies drawings going around in the Internet it was probably Randy. He has constant posts of his work. And if you're into seeing progress posts of art I strongly suggest giving him a follow! His etsy store is also fantastic! 

3. Zozeebo

Zoella's Instagram has been fantastic the past couple of weeks. I'm loving the pictures she's been taking & the photo from Nala's birthday was actually precious! 

4. ChelsiMadonna

A Newfoundlander who YouTubes and sings. She doesn't post too often, but when she does she has such nice quality photos and they are always so colourful. I especially loved her photos while she was home in Newfoundland! Always gotta represent Newfoundland in at least one post during the week. Anyway give her a follow! You won't be disappointed! 

5. ExploreNewfoundland

An 18 year old photographer from Newfoundland. This Instagram is filled with amazing scenic photos from all around Newfoundland! Talk about some mad photography skills (do people even say mad anymore?) but yeah if you're into awesome photos check this account out! 

Who do you guys like following on Instagram? I'd love to know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Jessie xx

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