How Many Posts are too Much?

It's hard to know how often to post on certain social media outlets. It also depends on if you're a business or an individual. Overall, it really had to do with quality over quantity. You can post 10 tweets a day, 6 blog posts, and 7 Instagram pictures, but if you're not providing quality content your followers are just going to scroll past or unsubscribe to you. It's not good to flood your loyal followers with posts upon posts.
So, think less is more. Before you push that publish button always think "Am I giving my readers something good with this?" and "Is this really making me feel good?". It's not just your readers that need to feel good about your posts, but you too!

Anyway, getting down to it. I do have a slight guide or limits for certain social media accounts so let's get down to business!

Google +
You may be thinking.. "No one uses that", but in fact it has many users and not just being of the Youtube merger either. There are plenty of users and businesses who use Google +, although I'm no expert in the department. I have actually been pretty inactive since summer started and haven't yet got back into routine yet. However, I do believe you should have at least three posts a week. Not just any posts though, but good quality posts that really speak to the brand you're trying to build.

Almost everyone uses Twitter and it's a great way to network and connect with your audience. As an individual I believe you can post as often as you like, but make sure it is quality and fits with what you're trying to convey to the people that follow you. For businesses it's good to post around two to three times a day and to determine when exactly you should post try looking at an analytic tool of some kind to determine when your audience is actually present online. You wouldn't want to be tweeting out good quality content when everyone's asleep. Do it at prime times, for example just before school and office hours at 8 am and then again from 12-2 when people are on their lunch break. You could also then post in the evenings before or after dinner when people will probably be on Twitter again.

Facebook can be a bit tricky since sometimes Facebook will filter you out of your followers newsfeed if it seems like you're trying to promote yourself a lot (they are really trying to push the pay to promote bit). However, if you have a sale or a new blog post it's good to promote it twice to three times a day. Again it's similar to the Twitter figure out when your audience is most active and post then, missing that time frame could mean they may not see it at all.

Instragram is slightly different depending on what you're trying to convey to your followers. Again use an analytic tool or keep track of when people are most active. After that it's up to you. I would suggest no more than three or four pictures a day and to have them spread out. I normally post twice a day on Max's account, one in the morning and one in the evening. You don't want to flood your followers with just you on their dashboard, they follow other people too. Just try to post engaging photos and get comments that way you can still be active on Instagram at all hours.

I hope you guys found this helpful! I love social media and social media marketing, so I'm hoping if you guys like this I may make it a weekly thing.. actually I'm probably going to make it a weekly thing anyway since I love talking about it.

Anyway, I hope you liked this and found it helpful! Keep up with me on bloglovin' by following the link on the right and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Jessie xx


  1. Lovely post, Jessie. I agree about the fact that bloggers should produce only quality content without "flooding" readers with posts. If you put your heart into it and publish it being 100% happy about your post + won't overwhelm readers with 5 more posts to catch up since last time they visited (if it was earlier in the week lol) :) Great listing of social media platforms. Great reminder for you to work on my Google+ acc. I haven't done anything with it - must change that.
    Btw, thanks for following me on Bloglovin'. I will make sure to follow you and stay tuned with your new posts. Pop into my blog, say hi :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you so much for the comment!
      With the Google+ account I really need to update mine as well. I actually have two separate ones, one for this blog that I actually need to set up properly and one I have set up and linked to my LinkedIn for potential employers. That one is actually good, I am just really bad with making sure I update it properly or finding decent content for it. I think it may be one of the most difficult ones to work on, but it is pretty rewarding when you get it on track.
      No problem for following! You're blog is so interesting and you give great advice! I'll be sure to pop over and say hi sometime! :)