A Delayed Update

The end of the semester is always the worst. I have no time for anything and life just gets so crazy. This weekend was exactly that. I've been studying flat out since Tuesday and only finished up my midterms on Saturday. I celebrated with working till close and opening on Sunday. Needless to say I was exhausted and still exhausted from it. I will catch up on my sleep eventually.. Maybe over Winter break. I got home from work on Sunday and finished a paper went to Sunday supper at the boyfriend's house and I finally got to go see Mocking Jay Part 2.
I did and didn't like it. My emotions during it ranged from furious, annoyed, happy, and sad. I hate when movies don't follow the books well or of characters are removed. There was a large section of the book that was removed from the movie and really made more sense to have in but wasn't. Of corse I won't give any spoilers, but prepare for water works. Overall, I did enjoy it. Boyfriend on the other hand did not. He never really sad, but if he starts picking at me or I noticing him looking at me during a movie I know he's not that into it. Anyway, go out and see it! It's good and you can take home a cool cup of you go sooner rather than later. 
Anyway, that's all I have for you guys today about my weekend update. 
Have an awesome week everyone and I will be greeting you guys again tomorrow with a festive filled post! 

Jessie xx

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