Are you burning yourself out on social media?


          Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing; like cookies, Netflix, popcorn, and anything else good. If you go too far in you're going to end up getting yourself burnt out. If you haven't yet, imagine that test you left to the last minute to study for and cramming for five hours and feeling emotionally and physically drained from it? Yeah, it's like that. Not the best feeling and you feel like you need a break from it immediately afterwards for an eternity. This can happen with too much social media too (slightly happening to me right now, but I'm just drained from everything).
     Here's a question you're probably wondering, "how will I know I'm burnt out from social media?" At times it just creeps up on you, but there are some ways you can notice the burnout on its way, that I have noticed from the past. 
  1. You're losing sleep and it's from being on your phone or laptop.
            This is one of the number one things to pick up on. Sometimes, you can't sleep for some reason so, you take to looking at the internet for hours or ever so often you get lost in a post. However, when you start doing this every other night and noticing that you are barely getting sleep during the night, then this is a big indication that you need to unplug for a bit. Read a book or watch a movie or you know just go to sleep. If you're still having trouble sleeping try and go for a walk during the day. The fresh air will help you sleep better. 

      2. You're checking everything multiple times a day for a half hour at a time. 
           Checking social media is needed. You need to stay up to date on everything, respond to comments, catch up on the latest news, see what your friends are doing, check Instagram, check your multiple twitters, and it all just starts adding up. If you find yourself checking your phone for a minute and then all of a sudden its an hour later. One you're getting lost in the flow and two, maybe you're distracting yourself too much. If you find yourself getting lost in the flow of social media more than three times a day. It's time to unplug for a bit. Take a minute or set some time to actually check social media during the day. For me, if I'm noticing I'm getting fried I will only allow myself to check social media once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once or twice in the evening/night. The comments and tweets for the most part will all still be there when you come back. 

      3. You're even on your phone when you hang out with friends. 

      I'm horrible for this. Common curtesy you shouldn't do this. However, you get such an urge to check your phone, see what notifications you have as soon as they are there and you just can't get it off your mind. Like a zombie wanting brains, you want to check that red balloon with a number in it. It's worse when all your friends are also obsessed, but sometimes doing his too much and just the addiction of needing your phone can lead to a burn out. So, just take a step back, laugh and have fun while you're out. 

4. You are becoming addicted to being on the Internet 

     Don't worry I'm pretty much there myself. It almost feels like a constant need. It gets to the point when you're trying to study and then it's two hours later and your phone is in your hand and you've watched 10 YouTube videos, read 7 blog posts and have posted a picture on Instagram. You feel anxious and fidgety when you're not on your phone. That my friends is the prime time you need to unplug for a bit. Put your phone away, delete the apps for a day, or stick your phone in a drawer if you know aren't needed by friends/family/work. 

My absence last week was kind of from realizing this and also because school got a bit crazy. Social media & the Internet are great, you can always feel connected and informed while on it, but remember too much of a good thing can sometimes turn out very bad. So, don't go overboard too much! 

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend and I will be back with a new post on Monday! 

Jessie xx

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