Treating your Viewers/Followers like Consumers

photo by Niyam Bhushan

Whether you actually sell products or do ads it's important to understand your audience and how they may react to content. That is why treating them like a consumer, since they are consuming (reading) your posts is a good idea for you. How do you do this? Well think about who reads your blog posts. How old are they? Are they mostly male or female? What have the made comments on in the past? How much money may they be making? What could they work at? What hobbies? Just think of anything and everything. Once you have an idea of that, make up a customer for that segment. This is a typical first year to marketing approach. You are developing a consumer profile. This will really help you with developing your content. Give that consumer a name and you're on your way.
Here's an example of a possible consumer profile:

Name: Sally Jane
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Martial Status: Married
Job: Business Professional
Salary: $70,000 a year
Hobbies: Running, dog agility training, crafts, DIY projects, beauty

This is of course just an example. You can add in more or less, but this gives you an idea of who to target your posts to. It is a great way of making sure your content would be approved by your audience as well. You can always think to yourself, "would Sally Jane like this post?" If you answer yes, then publish away. If you're not sure you can then rewrite or edit till it makes sense for your target consumer.

You can also consider what kind of shopper they are. Again you can do this regardless if you sell things or not. Lets consider them blog shoppers. They're browsing the internet shopping mall for blogs to read. Are they more so basic shoppers, they're looking for that specific recipe for cookies and their in and out of the internet blog store quickly? Or are they enthusiastic shoppers and get enjoyment out of searching for blogs to read and enjoy and doesn't matter what kind? Determining the types of followers you may have in this sense can also help you develop more specific content or ways to enhance your blog titles for more views.

Understanding your readers is essentially understanding your blog's consumers. If you do this you can follow any article or post about how to gain more customers and in the long run develop a better brand identity for your blog and yourself.

Hope you all found this blog a little bit helpful. I'm in full studying mode and in my final exams right now so I thought a little post on consumers would be a nice Friday treat. I hope you all had a wonderful week and a great weekend!

Jessie xx

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