Tuesday Life Update

It's Tuesday morning. Coffee in hand and about to dive in and call so many people for work. However, while I have a break before that I am coming at you live from my new/old job. The job is in my field and dear I say, okay. All the same though it isn't as exciting as I normally deal with. I like when the day is crazy, sometimes it's hard, but I enjoy when the day goes by fast. When an 8 hour shift feels like 4 rather than 12.

I did a business degree.. many believe I will be working in an office for forever. Truthfully, I want to do more hands on. Sitting behind a desk is okay, but it's not exciting at the same time. At the same time, I can't work retail for forever. I mean I could, but I wouldn't want to. I have kind of a plan. A slight one, but there is also many plans from this one. I could go back to school and do my masters, at the same time I want to go back and do something completely different. I also want to not go back for a few years and move away. Or not move away. I feel just as confused as I was half way through my second semester, but far worse because the real world is knocking on my door and I'm hiding under the table hoping it'll leave.

Regardless of my fear, I will get through this summer and figure out what I should/will do with my life.

In other news, I have finally completed my room. It took a while and I also ended up cleaning up my siblings rooms too. Only in preparation for my convocation party in a few weeks. That means cleaning the house from top to bottom for the next few weeks.

Anyway, back to work for me. Get ready for my upcoming Toronto haul post that should be up later this week.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and see you soon.

Jessie xoxo

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