Simons Homeware Wishlist

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I love Simons. I will go to any Simons I can on the mainland and order clothes and home items online from there.

So, I bring you today my home ware wishlist. A lot of this is going to be more Christmas based, but lets get into it shall we?

The first in this list is the fox flannel sheet set. I am loving this look. It looks so cozy and it covered with foxes. I think it would be perfect for the Fall and Winter time especially.

The next two items are two separate duvet sets I am pretty much in love with. The first is the Nordic Forest which screams Winter time to me. The second is a Buffalo check flannel duvet set which is also Winterish and I think would go great with the fox flannel set.

This cushion is so simple and cute.

Chickadees besides owls are my favourite birds. They are so sweet and I think this doormat would be awesome around Christmas time.

I like when there are a few different pieces in a house. So, this Elk shaped candle would be perfect for that. It would look awesome on our TV mantle.

The second candle on this list is the lantern. These would look so cute next to a fireplace and if you add some garland or frosted pine cones into the lantern it would be perfect for Christmas time.

The next three items are real wishlist items since there is a very low chance of me actually purchasing these items, but you never know.

The first is a Griffin desk. This is the exact type of desk I've been looking for, but sadly it will never be.

The second is an angular rug. I love the colors in this and it is exactly the type of rug I've been searching for. Maybe this will be my Christmas present to myself this year? We'll have to see.

Finally, the last item on this wishlist will be this Porthole Mirror.

Anything in this list you liked? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Jessie xoxo

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