Ontario Shopping Haul

So, besides Lush I bought an awful lot of clothes and a few other things. So much really that my suitcase was like 20 lbs heavier than when I had left in the first place. However, that was also including some of Jake's things as well, but we shopped till we dropped in a way.  Anyway, let's start with some of the things I bought.

Kate Spade Outlet

Not far from where we stayed was the Toronto Premium Outlets. They had some super good deals here and this is where I got my very first Kate Spade bag courtesy of Jake.I love it. It's a beautiful blue with a pyramid at the opening and it's just perfect.  Actually in love with it.


I bought one thing from Zara and that was this beautiful light blue fashion backpack with gold hardware. It was so lovely and the last one in store and I just had to have it. It's going to be perfect for the summer especially when I go on some adventures and I'm just in love with it.


I love this store and I buy from it online all the time so one opening not far from Jake's sister's place was the best news. I bought two shirts there. One was a Star Wars one because it has the exact print (although black/white) as the one dad has from when he was a teen. So, I just had to get that. The other one I got was a black shirt with white moons on it. I thought it looked pretty cool and should fit nicely into my wardrobe. I also got a cute little hair clip as well.

Mountain Warehouse

One of these just opened in Guelph and they had a 50% off sale for opening and it was great. I got a great shirt for hiking in that is quick drying and also purple. I also got a nice black hat for hiking as well or just when I want a baseball cap. Jake got a lot of things here like a hiking backpack, sleeping bag, fancy water filter bottles and so many other things. Check them out though. I believe they are a popular brand in the UK and I know we don't have one here in NL, but check them out online.


This one may seem odd. I have a Winners at home, but it doesn't have nearly as much stuff as I would like it too because there isn't that many high end places in town. The one we went to was great, they had Kate Spade bags and everything. I got 4 little bottles of Marc Jacobs perfumes and a Fossil wallet for some pretty good prices.


I got so many things here. SO MANY. And at two different stores. So, let's start with the basics. I got a simple cream colored t-shirt and a very nice forest green sweater. I also got a nice pair of those flowing shorts with an elephant print that are so comfy and also got a dark purple maxi dress. Last thing I got was a nice black shirt that was kitted at the top and looks super cute with a pair of shorts.

Forever 21

I just got basics here. Nothing big just some cami's and a plain black v neck shirt.

That is pretty much everything I got whilst I was in Ontario.. a few months back, So delayed, I don't know how or why I do this sometimes. Anyway, hope you guys liked my post.

Have a great day & week everyone!

Jessie xoxo

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